Love you Mamie

Benny Hill

So, sometimes I pretend I’m British. This is the most fun when I’m around people who know me. They try to act as if I’m not talking with a British accent but I keep after them. It’s also fun when I’m out with family – they’ve gotten over being embarrassed and now they just go along with me. I think they find it fun to go along – secretly anyways – and pretend I’m their British cousin. I’ve almost been tripped up a time or two by a couple who were, in fact, English  – from London. I survived but only after explaining I had been living in the states for 5 years and that I had a memory disorder and couldn’t remember much of where I lived before that other than something or other about “apples and pears”… They decided to leave me alone just in case I was actually of cockney origin and someone who might very well nick their wallets.

I’m not British, of course, but I’ve got a decent working accent that’s plausible. I can’t really blame this on Monty Python, I blame this on my Aunt, she’s the one who got me started on the whole thing. Mamie (she was my mother’s twin sister and my mother didn’t like me calling her mama too – so… Mamie) loved  Benny Hill. During the summer I’d spend a couple of weeks with her and my cousins. We’d stay up late, just me and Mamie, and watch Benny Hill on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) and laugh so hard we’d almost wake up everyone else.

So, sometimes I pretend that I’m British, accent and all.