My name is Kacey Human. Yes, that is my REAL last name. Honest.

I’m a divorced father of two awesome kids (Caitlin and Ryan) who live with me. For the last four years I feel like I have been in limbo while my life is turning into something different and new. I was working 80 hour weeks when my Ex kicked me and the kids out. After 4 months of just me and the kids (and those 80 hour weeks) I decided that it was my job to raise my kids and not the daycare or my parents. So, I quit my extremely well paying job and have taken a crap job to have more time with the two most important people in my life.

I’ve come to learn that I don’t need to have even a quarter of what I used to have and that my kids really enjoy spending time with me rather than the things that I buy them. I’ve learned that my job and income do NOT describe who or what I am, nor does the car that I drive or the clothes that I wear.

For the first time in a long time I am proud of who I am – dry sense of humor and all. I’ve laughed harder and more often in the last 4 years than I had in the previous 10. I drive my kids crazy by smelling their hair everytime they walk past me and telling them I love them everytime I walk past their rooms.

I created this blog to have some fun, share some of the stupid things I think of from time to time. Maybe one day I’ll settle in to some more serious stuff but I don’t like to be that way any more than I have to and this blog will reflect just that.

So, I hope you enjoy your visit. Please email me with any suggestions, responses, ideas, or just to say “Hi”.