Everything old is new…again.

Here are just a few of them:

Bell bottom jeans, only now they’re “flare” bottom jeans – Didn’t we, as a civilization, not learn ANYTHING from the 70’s? Seriously, straight leg pants are a little too much “flare” for me. I suppose the next thing we’ll be seeing are the butterfly collars. I’m so not happy.

Sustainable, going green, reducing the size of your “footprint” – That’s like what a hippie would say! It’s like being a hippie! What’s more is that its acceptable now to be this way! They even have commercials about being “GREEN”! Seriously though, when I see a Prius I move along quick – just in case a random group of gun happy cops in riot gear show up… just saying.

Downsizing your lifestyle – shoot that’s good old-fashioned fiscal responsibility; our parents and grandparent did this. Okay, maybe our grandparents because I”m pretty sure many of our parents were out burning bras and dropping “special” sugar cubes. Again, Prius, random cops, riot gear…nuff said.

Movies – have you noticed how many “remakes” they’re doing now days? Personally, I’m saving a bundle by staying home. Hey, I’ve already seen them once so I know how its going to end. Naturally, this isn’t such a hit with the kids. I’ve taken to telling them what happens in the movie and making them act it out…well, I’m entertained by it.

Hair Styles – I guess this one is mostly for guys. The look now days seems to be a re-hash of the Beetles’ look only a little more “care-free”. I used to have long hair until I went to college. My professor made me get a haircut or risk losing my scholarship. Since then I can’t stand my hair to touch my ears let alone my shoulders. What is more, I am NOT looking forward to the “Winged” look coming back for women: Farrah Fawcett was hot, her hair was not.

Next thing you know they’ll be bringing back  Vanilla Ice, and PEE WEE HERMAN… oh wait…

What are some of the things you’ve noticed?