We all have quirks. Things we like a certain way, things we do as a habit, etc… I thought I’d share some of mine…


I have to reach the top step with my LEFT foot so I can take the first step at the top with my RIGHT foot. Yes, I count steps before I get to them to see which foot I need to start with. Yes, I will stop half way up the steps and adjust my feet if need be (though usually I just skip steps at the top). I know it sounds like I belong on the TV show MONK but that’s just how I roll…

Smelling foods and drink.

I can’t eat or drink anything before I’ve smelled it (which is good advice). Doesn’t matter if I’m in a restaurant or at someone else’s house I take a slight “sniff” just before I put the food in my mouth. I’ll even smell a Coke from a can before I drink it. This has been a source of amusement for my family FOREVER, though I don’t see the humor.

I can’t eat with people who make noises.

I could be eating lunch with the Pope but if he hummed, smacked, or chewed with his mouth open then I’d be outta there. I just can’t do it. I’ve tried, I talk to others, ignore it but the more I try to over look it the bigger it becomes… It’s like I’m the dinner Nazi: “Achtung! Sei doch mal still – Schweinebauer!!”

I take preacher portions…

I always thought this was a “good” thing but apparently I have family who are embarrassed at this practice. Ever been around a Preacher who is eating with “unknowns”? The Preacher usually only gets about a spoonful or so of each food item; the idea is that even if it is terrible they don’t have to eat much of it – if it’s good they go back for more.

Yes, I sniff each bite before I eat it… smarty butt.

My Closet.

I’m embarrassed to say that while I’m not at all concerned with what name brands I wear I DO care about how my clothes are arranged in the closet:

From right to left:

Shirts (casual), facing right and top button done.

Pants (casual) pant legs on right side of hanger, zipper facing wall.

Dress shirts – same as casual

Suits – all facing right in order of dark to light.


All towels are folded into thirds, then thirds again – stacked neatly facing front of linen closet (I got this one from my Dad, I swear… HOO-rah).

Okay, that’s all I’ll admit to – your turn! What’s some of the funny things you do?