I’m color blind. Not monochromatic color blind (that is total lack of color sensation) but rather Red/Green color blind. Naturally, I get the “What color is this?” and “What color is that?” – this annoys me and if done for too long will start giving the person way wrong answers (like: it’s blue when I know its orange) just to mess with them.

So, what’s the big deal, right? I get red and green confused – really easily. The problem arises when other colors have red or green as a primary base or there are lots of colors in a print, well that and when shopping is involved.

Shopping for clothes can be a real pain, especially when shopping for my daughter. I will resort to asking total strangers if something matches. You want to really freak someone out ask them to tell you if “these” to things match or not. Occasionally I’ll get an “oh, I”m married” response – good for you, I just need to know if this freaking’ shirt will go with those pants. I’ll rope in store employees to help pick out clothes for her. Caitlin knows her colors and we’ll argue whether something matches or not – she’s always right… always. I really hate that.

So why don’t they make Garanimals for adults? Seriously. I’ve never understood that, they make them for kids: all lions match, all zebras match – period. Me? I have to ask my ten-year old daughter if something matches and sometimes she doesn’t tell me the truth – lol. I don’t know if you can really and truly appreciate how humbling that can be… Oh, how great would it be to organize my closet into matching zones – all lions in one spot, tigers in another, you get the picture. Even better it would be never, NEVER, to have to ask my daughter, “sweetie, does this go together?”.

I’ve sent emails suggesting that they add an adult line but have never gotten a response. Pooh!

So what gives? Throw a brother a bone.