Motorized Shopping Cart

Simple thinking comes very easy for me – I’m the opposite of my Dad. Bless his heart, he can make work out of ANY thing…

So, the other day I’m standing in the movie section of the super-giant-megastore. I’m waiting for my kids to pick out what movie they want and dreading the 2.3 mile walk back to the front of the store to check out when I notice a store employee pushing along a little floor buffer up and down the isles. Now, my first reaction was one of curiosity. I wondered if it was hard to push or if it was self-propelled and whether or not it had a “horn”.

Then it struck me: why don’t they combine this little floor cleaner with those little motorized chairs? Think of how clean they could keep their floors! They would save money by letting customers in those little chairs to clean the floors instead of paying an employee to do it.

I decided to follow a couple of people who were using those little chairs around the store. Unfortunately, I had to end my research when one of them got nervous and put a store employee on me and the kids for following them around… go figure. Needless to say the Manager totally failed to see the obvious ingenuity of the idea.