But then I woke up… what a drag!

It got me thinking about what I would do if I had won it…

I wouldn’t quit my job.

I’d still show up everyday. Well, most days. Don’t try and give me that “pep talk” about my job because I’d have to remind you that I don’t REALLY have to work. Also, good luck in getting me to do much more than absolutely necessary.

Things like reports WILL be late.

I would just love to say, “yeah, I had some filing to do and just didn’t think that report looked like much fun… so I didn’t do it”.

Calling in sick?

Nah, I’m just not going to come in today; I have sick days and today I’m sick of work.

Someone is going to pay for pissing me off.

My father always said that revenge was a delicacy best served cold… but why wait? I’d be the kind of person who would buy the house on each side of you and move a bunch of bikers in. Let’s see how you like me now.

Alex, I’d like to buy a vowel please….

I’d see, at least once, what it felt like to buy the result or decision I wanted.

Take my boss to lunch and just leave…

Yeah, it sounds cold. Funny thing is: you’ve thought about it too. You could have some fun with this…


So, what would YOU do if you won the lottery?