Sometimes it’s just too much to resist. Bless her heart (literally) she’s just so easy to mess with that given my dry sense of humor I’m almost always guaranteed to be entertained. Here is how a conversation went with my cousin when she felt like she might be having a heart murmur. I used the term myocardial infarction and she was off and running with it…

Cousin: You think it could be my heart?

Me: No.

Cousin: How do know?

Me: Are you short of breath?

Cousin: No.

Me: Do your hands feel like wood?

Cousin: Like what?

Me: Do your hands feel light like Balsa wood or heavy like Cherry?

Cousin: My hands don’t feel like wood at all.

Me: Oh, then you have gas.

Cousin: What does it mean if my hands DO feel like wood?

Me: Nothing, I was bored. You have gas.

Cousin: I’m going to the Dr. Should I ask about my hands?

Me: Sure.

After a visit to the Doctor’s Office a day or so later…

Cousin: I went to the Doctor’s Office.

Me: What did they say?

Cousin: They’re checking on the hand thing and will let me know… and I have gas.

Me: Sweet. Make sure you ask them about the feet thing too.

Cousin: What feet thing????

Me: …