I’m training my son on how to put a  toilet seat back down. Seems easy enough but it’s not. This training process got me thinking this week while my kids were visiting their mother: why can’t women just put the thing down?

Yes, I understand the “falling in” thing – I’ve had to help my daughter out of the toilet before (after laughing so hard I almost passed out) and she was M-A-D! Well, at first she was scared but once she realized she wasn’t going to “go down” the toilet she got angry… it wasn’t pretty. She made “the boy” pay for that over and over for a looong time. It was then I decided I had best help him survive his early childhood and teach him some basics: don’t pick your nose, girls go first, farts are only funny to other guys, and to put the toilet seat down. It’s all worked pretty well so far, except for the fart thing (I’m 42 and I still laugh at them).

His argument, like many guys, has been that if he can put it up then she can put it down. It’s hard to argue with logic like that, it really is.

Maybe automatic toilet seats should be the standard….