Cards. They have cards for just about every kind of event and occasion… but not for ones I could really, really use and find funny.

Divorces – Why not? I looked and do you know there aren’t ANY cards for these things? I spent a lot of money on mine and by God I want a card to show for it!

Divorce anniversaries – I bought a “Happy Anniversary” card to send to my Ex but was curtly told NOT to send it by some family members… Apparently my dry sense of humor only goes so far.

Your First DUI – Hey, we all know your insurance rates are going to shoot up like Big Oil’s bottom line and we just wanted to congratulate you on it!

Weight Loss – Some people go through a LOT to lose weight, why shouldn’t we recognize it?

Getting Rid of a Loser boyfriend / girlfriend – On the inside it could be redeemed for a night out or free drinks!

Just some thoughts, I’ll probably add more to these along the way. Don’t forget to post some suggestions of your own…