Using your key fob to”find” your car’s location.

If you haven’t done it you probably know someone who has.

Getting the bejesus scared out of you when someone is looking for their car… with their key fob.

I’ve done it – its fun.

Mistake someone else’s car for your own.

This one is hilarious. I love to catch someone doing this especially if they can’t figure out why their key isn’t working…yes Emily, I mean you.

Forgetting the name of the person you’re talking to.

It happens. Whether it’s someone you haven’t seen in a long while or someone you’ve just met it’s still embarrassing. Having kids with you will usually make this worse – it’s like they know you don’t know who the heck you’re talking to.

Walking into the wrong bathroom.

This one is worth sitting and waiting for if you have the time. It’s twice the fun: once when they go in and second when they come out talking to themselves trying to figure out their excuse.

The sneeze-fart…

While very rare it is indeed extremely comical. The perpetrator is usually left looking around to see if anyone else noticed. Yes, I AM laughing at you.