Why does it take a pack to go to the bathroom?

The bathrooms are clearly marked and easy to see, it’s not like trying to find your car in the parking lot. So what gives?

Talking… why must there always be talking?

I love you, you love me can’t we sit in silence peacefully?

Why buy a guy something but get mad when he uses it?

Why do women buy guys something like Football Sunday programming (or whatever) and get mad when we spend the day watching football? Really.

What’s the deal with the toilet seat?

If we can put it up, you can put it down. In other words – look before you sit. I know this is a lost cause but I had to put it out there anyway.

Cold feet, butt, whatever…

You know they’re cold but why put them on us? Okay, maybe the butt part isn’t “bad” to have on us, just give us a heads up before placing the icey body part on us.


We don’t know, we don’t care, and more than two pair is too many. Besides, we’re pretty sure they could shod a small country of people if they cleaned out your closet.


Must you really try EVERYTHING on? Seriously? If you see what you like then grab your size and let’s go. Besides we might be missing something good on TV.

Shopping (a side note)

Just my thought here but why don’t department stores put in a lounge for guys? It could be like those Airline Clubs for frequent flyers – think about it.


We don’t know ’em so don’t ask us for them. What’s more, guys aren’t good with details, we don’t use them (not effective with grunts and groans used in man-talk). If you want details find another woman and ask her.