Generalizations are, generally speaking, bad things. They’re normally not reliable and can cause some major problems. However, there are times when they’re worthwhile.

Men and women look at relationships different. No duh, right? I think just about everyone has heard or read Men are from Mar , Women are from Venus. As someone who loves to watch people and enjoys finding out what make them tick I have read Mr. Gray’s book myself. Much of what I read was true, generally speaking. However, there are few other things of interest people, especially women, should know.

Men are, in fact, pigs. Yes, its true. While most of us are able to control our basic instincts to be pigs (dogs or what have you), deep down we’re still wired the same. We like pretty women and enjoy their attention – even if nothing comes from it. We’re pretty basic creatures and given enough room to act on our base natures we can, and will, revert to piggy-dom.

Men are sensory oriented. We like to see and touch the most. All you need to do is look at the number of Strip Clubs for men versus women. Sure, there are clubs that cater to women but who can doubt that those are in the extreme minority? Clubs are big business for a very good reason – it gives men a chance to see without being judged. Another good case in point is lingerie – yes we like you naked but a little wrapping goes a long way.

  • There is also an unstated truth- men are voyeurs. All men are. All men will look if given a chance, its like radar. A woman whose dress flies up because of a gust of wind will have preachers looking too – it’s just our nature. There’s something inside our head that locates things like that. I’m not saying its a pretty fact, just a fact.

Men are really pretty simple. Its true. We usually will say what we mean with nothing about undertones or hidden meanings. Sometimes short answers are all we feel we need to give in response to questions. It answers the question and since we feel there was no need for further elaboration, we feel the response was sufficient. Usually there is nothing more hidden beneath a conversation than what is simply stated – the rest is almost always your imagination. Seriously.

Men have great imaginations…on anything nude. Yes, we already have an idea of what you look like without clothes on.  This point is a bit selective and subjective because its drawn on what, or rather who, we find attractive and to a lesser extent our morbid curiosity. The three hundred pound woman may not be someone we’re interested in but if left idle long enough (or there are buddies around) the conversation, and imagination, will turn to it; *shudder* kind of like slowing down to see what we can see when there’s a wreck.

Men have a photographic memory… for nudity. We don’t have to see it directly, it could be a mental photograph as mentioned above. Just because we have them doesn’t mean we’re looking for anything nefarious to do with them but they’re there all the same.

  • Those photos are indeed filed for later use or review.
  • Yes, your friends are in there too… along with that blonde we saw on the way to lunch.

Men are romantics. How many times have you looked at where you are in your relationship and thought, “he used to say the nicest things without me asking”, or “he used to write me notes and hid them for me to find” or something along those lines? When men are wining and dining the woman we’re after there’s almost no end to what we’ll do. We’ll go to places we normally wouldn’t go to (museums, plays, picnics, etc…) because we’re caught up in the passion of it all. It’s a double edge sword, sure we want what you think we want but there something more to it than just that.

Men use sex as a connection. Here’s where it gets tricky, again we’re talking about generalizations, so bear with me. Men aren’t usually very good at expressing ourselves past the basics like I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m bored. This is especially true after the courtship when passion begins to wane and a relationship’s roots have grown deeper. Men are vulnerable when we’re naked and sex is involved. “Are we good enough”, “is it, you know…”, “is she satisfied” there are a million things going through our minds about this and it goes to the very core of us “being a MAN”.  It lies at the very heart of our insecurity of being inadequate in any way.

  • Telling us a lie is acceptable but we’d rather it be true.
  • Spooning afterwards is possible but understand Round 2 is on our minds.

Again, this is just a generalization. There are those out there who will say whatever it takes to get you in bed, who only care about themselves, and will not call you the next morning (or the day after that, or the day after that).

I’ve left tons of stuff out so feel free to post your own!