I’m a people person, though I don’t often admit it. More to the point I love (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) to watch people. Even if no one is around we often find ourselves (or more humorously, others) in embarrassing situations.

I submit the following for your consideration:

Forgetting where you parked. Even if there is no one you know in the parking lot there is the fear, as soon as you realize you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked, that someone knows you don’t know where you’ve parked. It’s totally irrational – no one else knows what kind of car you drive; but there you are wandering down the isles looking for your car.

Stumbling or tripping, over nothing. I don’t know what happens, maybe the signals get crossed and your right foot forgets its a right foot. Whatever the reason you stumble or trip over something that you shouldn’t have had any problem with. This is just as embarrassing if your by yourself as when others are around. Are you the kind of person who laughs it off or pretends it didn’t happen?

The person you’re talking to walks off. Nothing worse than talking to someone who is off looking at something else or you didn’t see stop. Covering up this one is easy enough, but others are watching… they know.

The mistaken stranger. This one can be a combo or stand alone: you’re talking with someone and don’t know but keep talking only to realize the person beside you isn’t who you thought they were. Second is talking to someone you think you know but is, in fact, a complete stranger.

The retail “doh!”. There is something about walking into a retailer that causes people to lose all common sense, seriously. “Excuse me, where are the restrooms?” you ask, and the employee points just past you on the left… Ever had that happen? THAT’S the retail “doh!”. I also like the 3 second lag rule… c’mon, you know this one. The employee asks you if you need any help or if you have a question and you say “No, I’m fine” then 3 seconds afterwards you say “Uh, yeah, where’s…”.

Okay, so I was out today and saw the first one right in front of my eyes – I knew they had forgotten where they parked because I knew them – lol.

What are some of your favorites?