I have been thinking more about the shaving post I put up earlier. There are many things in this world that will never make a difference in our daily lives but a great shave (and with wetshaving “great” shaves are the rule not the exception) is something to look forward to.

If you followed my link to classicshaving.com you undoubtedly were amazed at all the various types of shaving products that are available on the market. Believe me, those are just a FEW of the items that are out there. Once you experience what a great shave should be (versus the goo-in-the-can and a regular razor, or heaven forbid an electric torture tool) you will find an almost infinite amount of variety upon which to spend your money.

Did you check out the razors? Ever use a DE (double-edge) razor? If you haven’t tried one I strongly urge you to consider getting one. How much and what kind are, in my opinion, virtually irrelevent so long as it is of quality and a “good fit” for you.

However, should you find yourself with more questions than answers I will include a few more links to aid in the exploration of the lost art of Wet Shaving.

Shave my Face – more information than you could ever use in a lifetime. There are guys on this site who have forgotten more about this way of life than most of us will ever learn. I used to be a part of this community a LONG time ago but they are a great bunch of guys.

Leisureguy – okay, I’m still new and haven’t gotten down how to link other blogs but here it is.  If memory serves, he is also a contributor to SMF.

QED – The owner of this site, Charles, is a good guy. QED is also on the East Coast which helps if you REALLY GOTTA HAVE IT!

Lee’s Safety Razors – the link takes you to what I think is the best all around shaving brush – the Wee Scot. Its great for home and travel, easy to load and doesn’t waste lather.