So yesterday afternoon I forgot to take my phone with me when I went to visit my parents and grandmother. Oddly enough I realized I had forgotten it when I was almost to where I was going and yet I felt the sudden pang of anxiety. What if someone needed to reach me? What if there was an emgergency? What if someone texted me with something urgent (ha!)?

How I have laughed at my older relatives and friends, when I was younger, when they told stories about life without highways, TV, even electricity. I have revelled in the stories my grandmother (who will be 99 years old tomorrow – God willing) tells of cooking on a wood burning stove and doing her chores from sun up to sun down. Only now do I find that I have migrated into this realm where I am the one the kids are laughing at. I remember a time when there were no widespread cell phone use. When your parents would have to track you down one friend’s house at a time if they were lucky.

As I think about it I wonder if there wasn’t more freedom then. I mean, we weren’t connected to everything and everybody. We would play outside until we HAD to go home. There were video games, but PONG was not the end-all-be-all of fun (at least for not more than 10 minutes). I don’t remember any of my friends who “wanted” to stay inside and play – the real fun was outside and being away from our parents. We used our imaginations and our bodies to play – we rode bikes down trails or around the block.

We PLAYED… something a lot of kids don’t really do anymore.

What about you? Tell me about some of your memories of how things have changed. I’d love to hear them.