Cooking, its not just for Foodies. Unless you enjoy the extra junk in takeaways this is a skill you’ll need to learn and conquer.

Its not hard, honestly. Its actually pretty easy for guys since all you really need to do is follow directions and let’s face it: Guys can follow direction (we’re just not going to stop and ask for them).

I learned to cook while I was in college, I found that girls were impressed by home cooked meals and the rest is history. I’ve spent time with my mother, my aunt, and my grandmother learning how to cook meals that I grew up with – good old fashion Southern cooking.  I did the majority of cooking when I was married and when the kids came along. Now that I’m the only adult in the house all the cooking is pretty much my responsibility. The kids do help and get involved but at their age they can’t quite see the value in it yet… unless pizza is involved.

I’ll put some ideas and link in here from time to time. The first one will probably one of my favorites: Hawaiian Delight. So check back soon.